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Брюс Кокберн Брюс КокбернКанадский музыкант в стиле рок, джаз, фолк, блюз

Guerilla Betrayed 356

ships moving into this cave of cloud

out of the white light up river

at a certain point you can only die

high contrast resolution

of wet rock and new snow

these bodies remind me

of tire marks frozen in the mud

we thought we could change something

we helped them win

we changed the slogans

we get hunted again

when you're the fighter

you're the politicians tool

when you're the fighter

you're everybody's fool

they move like bears through city streets

they've got a flag flying over every factory

i'd like to put a bullet through the world

wagon full of logs with one flat tire

armed me moving down through the bush

up river at a certain point you can...

ships... white light... only

(Gorizia-Milan, November 25/79

Брюс Кокберн

Guerilla Betrayed 356 / Брюс Кокберн

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