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Shock The Monkey (Feat. Ozzy Osbourne)

Cover me when I run

Cover me through the fire

Something knocked me out the Tree

Now I'm on my knees

Cover me Darling please


Monkey, Monkey

Don't You Know You've Gotta Shock The Monkey

Hey Hey

Fox the Fox, Rat the Rat

You can ape the ape I'm know about that.

There is more thing you must be sure of

I can't take anymore Darling

Don't you monkey with the monkey

Wheels keep turning (Monkey!)

Something's Burning


I don't like it but I quess I'm learning

Can't have monkey.

Cover me when I sleep Cover me when I breath

Throw your pearls before the swine

You make the blind

Darling Please

Too much at stake


Ground beneith me shake


The news is breaking


Coal Chamber

Shock The Monkey (Feat. Ozzy Osbourne) / Coal Chamber

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