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Клинт Блэк Клинт БлэкАмериканский кантри-исполнитель

Shes Leavin

When I think about the time that I sat crying in my beer

Jukebox pounding misery from ear to ear

I know I'd tell myself I'm better off without you here

But I'm looking for beginnings when the end is always near

She's leavin' in the morning sing a sad song for me

Keeping me in the dark don't know how long it will be

But I've heard that tune before she says she's gotta be free

But I know that's not true and that's what's bothering me

Anywhere you look it's everywhere and all around

It's the blues they keep singing lord and it's bound to get you down

But the melody can move you in a way to ease the pain

And it won't be long before you're on your feet again

I'd be alright if she'd just make up her mind

I don't know why but I forgive her time after time

Клинт Блэк

Shes Leavin / Клинт Блэк

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