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Клифф Ричард Клифф РичардБританский исполнитель популярной музыки, который одним из первых среди англичан начал исполнять рок-н-ролл.

We Say Yeah

Mummy says no

Daddy says no

Brother says no

But they all got to go


Cause we say yeah (yeah-yeah)

We say yeah (yeah-yeah)

We say yeah (yeah-yeah)

We say yeah (yeah)

If we didnt go ahead

And thought of all they said

Might as well give up, man

We might as well be dead


Now were moving to the front, baby

Well sing another song

The older ones, they taught us

Theyre all dead and gone


Well aim for the sky

And keep on shooting high

Forget about those problems baby

Dont just sit and sigh



Umm, now mummy says yeah

And daddy says yeah

My brother says yeah

Maybe theyre not so square

We all say yeah (yeah-yeah)

We all say yeah (yeah-yeah)

We say yeah (yeah-yeah)

We say yeah (yeah)

Клифф Ричард

We Say Yeah / Клифф Ричард

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