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Laying low, hiding out in Mexico

Talking to friends through the eye of a video.

Scared to loose, surrounded by fools, you're wanting lust to

shout it out, but there's nothing left to talk about

Overhearing chance remarks, viewing movies in the dark,

and so your body stays alive but not your heart.

Losing all you are, to be a millionaire, a millionaire.

You remember how it used to be

Making you smile like a half-forgotten melody

Oh it made you laugh when people pushed for autographs,

but now it seems your yesterdays

are pictures on a yellow page.

Now you've found your hideaway,

heavy shutters hide the day

You've got nothing left to lose except the night.

Oh yes you've earned the right to be a millionaire,

a millionaire.


'Cause you're a millionaire, you've got plenty to spare.

All the time in the world to go anywhere

If you lose it all would you really care?

Would it bruise you?

'Cause it's a masquerade in many ways,

It's like wearing shades on a cloudy day

You know it don't make the weather change,

but it fools you.

`Cause you're a millionaire, a millionaire.

And as the sand runs from the glass

And they whisper "gone at last" and the

shadows come and go

but never pass

Oh bad times never last, when you're a millionaire,

a millionaire.


City Boy

Millionaire / City Boy

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