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Youre Leaving Me

(Mason , Slamer, Ward)

Leave my keys in the door

Throw my bills on the floor

A note by the bed was all that se said

You couldn't stay, your leaving me

Take the phone off the wall

Tell your friends when they call

That we're indisposed, and this house is closed

From now on, you're leaving me

You're leaving me, with no good-byes

I want to die, and I don't know why you're

Leaving me with lonely nights

My eyes on the door, my face on the floor

You're leaving me, and life goes on , night after day

And time drags by real slowly non

How d'you spend your weekend

I stayed over with friends

And talked until four, slept on the floor

Missing you - you're leaving me...

City Boy

Youre Leaving Me / City Boy

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