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Bloody Sunday

(Mason, Thomas)

There's a gunsight between my eyes

Oh, the jungle's so full of surprises

Looking round for my friends to arrive

Maybe they stayed at home

To stay alive

It's Sunday

Seems to be another bloody Sunday

Weather's lousy


Seems to be another bloody Sunday

Can you tell me where the week-end goes

'Cause it sure goes ... fast!

There's a church that stay's open all day

Saving souls as they're passing the plate around

So salute the American way

Keep your head down low

And don't make a sound

The hours are irregular

When your up against the Popular Front

But you'd rather be adventuring

Than serving up in Burger King

You cut the rug and wipe the floor

When they get theirs then you get your kicks

So who cares what your fighting for

You sure look good in uniform

Keep your eyes on the road up ahead

Someone's mine may be yours

Put barbed wire round the bed

Now you've shoo-ed all the ghosties away

Little man, you've had a busy day

City Boy

Bloody Sunday / City Boy

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