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An Interlude-Beginning To Take It Back

Words to describe Nicaragua of old

Cash crops and hunger and US control

Coffee and sugar on company land

Made to supply what the boss would demand

Then one July morning in seventy-nine

Nicaragua decided to leave it behind


And the people are learning to take back their lives

As the country will change, Sandinista survives

Women are winning what they've never known

The power to organize outside the home

Starting to find what is equal and fair

Ensuring that this revolution is shared

Regaining lost chances, demanding much more

Running the factories, fighting the war

(Repeat chorus)

Nobody claims that it's over and done

There's too much depends on enlistment and guns

And raising their children and filling their plates

And chasing the Contras to Washington State

The Yankee conspiracy thrown to the ground

That's where the spirit of change can be found

(Repeat chorus)


An Interlude-Beginning To Take It Back / Chumbawamba

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