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Кристина Агилера Кристина АгилераПевица, актриса и модель


Baby, who dat is

don't worry about who that is it ain't you

you got somebody else over there

don't worry about it Keith if you was

over here taking care of business you wouldn't

have to ask me no questions like that

Ah! Girl please

Ah! girl please my ass

who dat is over there

Are you mocking me now

Boy, ain't nobody gotta mock you

Yeah you mocking me

you get ya little record deal and shit and think you all that

Uh bye Keith

Nivea, Hello


You's a lying, cheatin sun of a

The way you do me

boy I'm tired of taking your shit

see I know all about those fast hoes up in college

shorty need to stop it




Baby why you trippin on shit you don't know about

beliveing every god damn thing that you hear about


But it's nothing that I heard


Wait a minute just hear me out

you don't even know about my doings and where-abouts


See your wrong there I busted you

coming out some girl's house


And what's that pose to mean


Nothing till you kissed her in her mouth

Boy let's stop wasting time

It's pretty clear that you's a liar

Im tired of sitting around hearing all your phoney al-a-bys


Soap powder bleach towels fabric softener

dollars change pants socks dirty drawls

I'm headed to the laundromat and

Let's not forget the food stains

dirt spots hand sets chips pop

paying phones clean house

I'm headed to the laundromat


Baby what you saying


Baby read between the lines

do I have to spell it out to you


Кристина Агилера

Nivea / Кристина Агилера

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