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Кристина Агилера Кристина АгилераПевица, актриса и модель


When was the last time

you called me on the phone?

said you love me

and said you needed me

when was it?oh baby

It was yesterday

that i could hide in your arms

you spoke those those lovely words

that you want me

was that true? i wanna know


I never knew a love so true so pure so innocent

But all i have left is sadness and misery

Those fond memories have left me

stripped and I'm in agony

So why you do this to me?

It seems like i've trusted you

Broken and torn are my heart when i finally see

you and her staying around that corner

whispers of love have left me so alone

did you truly love me?

just the other day

i saw another her

she n you in a bus sharing every pleasant thing in the world

i was so emotional i wanted to see you so much

but now it seems that all is gone

i guess i must move on


How can a boy like you act like a man?

come back my darlin' and i'll gif u all the happiness

i love you

you know its true

come back please come back...

Кристина Агилера

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