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Wired To The Moon

Sleep tonight little girl

Go right in through

No-one can wake you now

You're falling through your dreams

Sliding down every beam

'Cos you don't know how

Don't know how to hurt

Don't know how to lie

You just don't know how to do it

You couldn't if you tried

'Cos you're wired to the moon

You innocent light

Will be shadows too soon

Sleep little angel

Stay wired to the moon

Faraway in the night

I saw my mother

She was looking at you

She said to me "My son

Don't you wake that little girl

Though I know you're wanting to

'Cos you're wanting to laugh

And you're wanting to play

Leave her in sweet dreams

She may lose them one day

Keep her wired to the moon"

Like a girl I once knew

She was once happy too

Sleep little angel

Stay wired to the moon

Крис Ри

Wired To The Moon / Крис Ри

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