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 Шер ШерАмериканская певица, актриса (армянского происхождения)


I could pass the evening here

Staring down into your eyes

Just forget there's a world somewhere outside

I kept my porch-light burning

So you could find my door

Felt so good to hear your footsteps

Walk across my bedroom floor


I knew that you were coming

By the thunderstorm last night

I swear I heard the north wind call your name

But a clear sky of blue stars

And the darling man you are

Makes it feel so good lying here next to you

This dusty town has needed rain

Like I've been needing you

So hold me tight as only you can do

By the light of just one candle

I feel your warm hands touching me

While our shadows move together

In the sweetest harmony

[Chorus x3]


Thunderstorm / Шер

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