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 Шер ШерАмериканская певица, актриса (армянского происхождения)

L.A. Plane

Seven thousand miles to Paris

Nine hundred more to Rome

And I'm gone every mile

To find peace of mind of home

This infatuation is driving me insane

Make my reservation

On the next L.A. by plane


Get me high, get me sane

Get me aboard that L.A. plane

I'm tired of this pouring rain

I'm tire of just passing through

Get me safe, get me warm

Get me a southern California morning

Where I was born

Babe, I'm coming

I'm coming home to you

He looked so fine in Europe

On all the posters and brochures

I thought the promises of some more

Then what was yours and mine

Well I was looking for excitement

On every boat and train

But all I fought were

All unfamiliar faces in the rain


And now nothing looks better in my mind

But you warm and loving face

All these miles have taught me

That your love can't be replace

[Chorus x2]



L.A. Plane / Шер

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