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Дэйви Чейз Дэйви ЧейзАмериканская актриса и певица

i see people but they dont see me

there was a dude by the name of remis

i talked about his gal and she said he only had a 1 inch penis

i got her on her motha f**kin her knees

that b**ch was scereamin

please chase please

sh*t i dont care

in the game of playaz playin aint fair

wat the hell was i gona do now

that b**ch was fatter than a god damn cow

oh damn i didnt mean to talk about you brotha

but sh*it i did get some from your tight ass mother

ah well last time i had my penis examined they said i had a desiese

so i took the nurse in the back room and got that bi**ch on her knees

but when the bitch got out she had cififulus, gonariia and aids

seems to me after all that she should of been my maid

Дэйви Чейз

i see people but they dont see me / Дэйви Чейз

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