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Ник Кейв Ник Кейвпевец и композитор


Nick performed this for the Italian film Mojo, and it is available on a CD called Soho.

They call him Joe The Dragon

He's on the water wagon

He's got that look of mourning and concentration on his face

Carries a 38 special

A six inch barrel

The saddest damn man in the entire human race

Mojo (4x)

Joe's mind is full of motors(?)

He is always taking photos

Of the remains of his beserk little twists

Yes ....(?) polaroids

Of his little golden boys

18 carat corpses with wired wrists

Mojo (4x)

Blood thicker than water will flow

The fire will eat the streets of old Soho

Daddy's out the back with little Joe

With his vaseline and his violin and bow - Mojo

Down on Compton(?) Road

Joe ain't never going home

Till he finds what he is searching for

Well mad Mathildas in his jacket

They crank and make him record(?)

As he does and make his funny little laugh and dance upon your floor

Mojo (repeat)

Ник Кейв

Mojo / Ник Кейв

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