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Mack The Knife

Nick covered this in a segment in September Songs: A Tribute to Kurt Weill

See the shark with teeth like razors

And he wears them in his face

And Macheath has got a knife

But not in such an obvious place

Now see the shark, how red his fins are

As he slashes at his prey

Mack the Knife wears fancy gloves

Which gives a minimum away

By the Thames' turbid waters

Men abruptly tumble down

Well is it plague, or is it cholera

Or because Macky's in town?

And the child bride, in her nighty

Whose assailant's still at large

Violated in her slumbers

Macky how much did you charge?

In the ghastly fire in Soho

Seven children had a go

In the crowd stands Mack the Knife

But he isn't asked and he don't know

In the crowd stands Mack The Knife

But he ain't asked and he don't know

Ник Кейв

Mack The Knife / Ник Кейв

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