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Ник Кейв Ник Кейвпевец и композитор

Just You and Me

First: I tried to kill it with a hammer

thought that I could lose

the head

sure! We've eaten off the silver

when even the food was against us

and then I tried to kill it in the bed

Second: I gagged it with a pillow

but awoke the nuns inside my head

they pound their goddy-goddy fists

from the inside-so from the outside

I got good: I stuck it. Dead

Thirdly: I put my lips upon it

And blew a frost across

its flat

I wrote upon its outside-surface

"Tonite we're on the outside surface"

Just you and me girl: You and me and the fat

Ник Кейв

Just You and Me / Ник Кейв

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