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Никоу Кейс Никоу Кейс Американская певица, бывшая участница группы «The New Pornographers»

The Day That I Die

We've been friends

For as long as I can think

But I realize now

I need more, ooh

And right now

As you cry in my arms

I know that you're the one

I've waited for, oh

[1] - Until the day that I die

You don't ever have to cry

You know I'll always be right by your side

Until the day that I die

You don't ever have to cry

I'll change the way it rains and make you smile

No, no, no, no

You say you've been hurt

But it's all a game we play

Going 'round and 'round in love

With no foundation oh

If we just try to forget the bad

Then our love will last forever, hey, hey, hey

[Repeat 1]

The times you are down and out

I will be the only one you care about

You know you have a friend in me

On your coldest day and darkest night

I'll be the one who's there to make it bright

I'll do anything to make you feel secure

Baby our love

Our love will last forever

I'll give you my heart

I pray we'll stay together

Till death do us part

I want you to remember

Please don't break my heart

Never leave me lonely

Baby I want to love you only

[Repeat 1 till end

Никоу Кейс

The Day That I Die / Никоу Кейс

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