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Никоу Кейс Никоу Кейс Американская певица, бывшая участница группы «The New Pornographers»

Tease Me

Case featuring Foxy Brown, Mary J. Blige---Touch Me, Tease Me

{Foxy Brown}

Pa Pa just keep me laced up

In the illa Case be,Issac Mizhari

Fuck around with Dolce Gabanna

Sippin' Purzade with the Ill Na Na

Nigga we fuck around

How you know your ???? and your joints

Nigga your royalties and your pawns,so what the deal is

Cuz Foxy Brown make Case,now we laced

Bonnie and Clyde now up in Jamaica breakin' all ya paper


Your the only one for me

Your the only one I need

Can't nobody make me feel the way you're making me feel

And girl you know this love is real, eh-heehhhh

[chorus] {Mary J. Blige}

Touch me tease me

Feel me and caress me

Hold on tight and don't let go

Baby I'm about to explode

Cuz all my love you can control


I'll spend the night with you

If you promise you will do

All the things to make me scream

And you know just what I mean

Cuz tonight you taste like ice cream

I'm gonna make you fall in love

Make you touch the stars above

Baby know and be my friend

I'll come back and hit it again,

And again and again and again,ohhhh


{Foxy Brown}


Let me get that lex

Nigga sex, one in the Aqurious

Flashin' to get the assin'

Who fucks low for laier jets and Coupes

My one stackin',you ain't know that I be mackin' UH

The extra set of keys,the G's

Those trips to Benny's had you livin' on ya knees

Not to mention the laced out crib in Dallas

The forial palace

Sippin' Cristale-in

[chorus fade to end]

Никоу Кейс

Tease Me / Никоу Кейс

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