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Никоу Кейс Никоу Кейс Американская певица, бывшая участница группы «The New Pornographers»



Yo, yo, uh, uh

Y'know how Cam act drunk or playin' sacks, stand back

Have a girl with a grand pack on Amtrak

Real shrewd, all these niggas be harrasing a dude

Eat a girl that's mad or put glass in my food

Or kill me in my sleep or fill me in deep

And if we in Alaska, still we feel heat

She know how to treat me, don't bug me or beat me

And after she skeet me, she fuck me


I remember the days when I wanted you

And tell me, dancing lady, said to step to you

But now that I'm gone, attitude's gone

Say you wanted me all along

What should I do for you?


Oh, so damn sexy but you're scandalous

I know I need a baby I can trust

Oh, when it comes to you

All I wanna do is give it to you

Now don't pretend it ain't my antics that attractted you

Ain't nothing changed about Case since I first met you

But now that I'm on, your attitudes gone

You say you wanted me all along

What should I do?

I always wanted to give it to you

Touch you in the places you wanted to

Now is my time to put it on you

If only you tell me you want me to



Uh, uh, uh

Nice girls with a fella thought

I need a hoe that make her tell that bitch

Come give me from the Hella Port

With a blunt roll, hear her bone

Fault even with the stunt

Case be unfold, drink milk a month old

Be duckin' a fever with one roll

And no one to console, come roll

With Big Pun and, yeah, Kenny Smoove

Take a bath, bitch

And get her in any move

[Chorus to end

Никоу Кейс

Scandalous / Никоу Кейс

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