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Дина Картер Дина КартерАмериканская певица в стиле кантри

Never Comin Down

We fell in love underneath a Michelangelo sky

We say the same things in the shapes of the clouds rolling by

A blanket of leave and the soft summer wind

Feeling the heat of the sun on our skin

That's when I learned how to fly


One kiss and you painted a picture of heaven

It's there when I look in your eyes

I swear I can see forever

Underneath a Michelangelo sky

Until that day I was living in black and white

The touch of your hand brings all these colors to life

I get the feeling this feeling won't fade

Here in you arms I get carried away

Back to the very first time

(Repeat CHORUS, 3 times)

Дина Картер

Never Comin Down / Дина Картер

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