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Ground Zero Brooklin

Home watching star trek

Everything's O.K.

Little do I know

Soviet missiles are on the way

The bastards set loose

The war Gods tyr and lok

Weatherman's predicting rain

But fire it'll be

Minutemen launching, air sirens

Warheads detonating cremating haunting

I'm living at - Ground Zero

I'm burning at

I'm frying at

From my bed I hear the sirens

Screaming of foreboding

Populus escapine highways over loading

Bridge is down tunnel's flooded

Only got six minutes

Head between my legs, I kiss my ball goodbye

They're finished

Mx's blasting, skyscrapers crashing

Fall out liberated, we're wasted

Jesus I beg of thee

Don't take my life

Return me to the womb

From which I was torn

Birth is a sin

And the punishment is death

I wish you had left me unborn

I shit my ponts as I wait for the reaper

Lie in fatal position

Tears stream down my cheeks

As I call for my mother

And say an act of contrition

We'll fight this war with Germs and atoms

Destroy our only home

Our mutated descendants battle the next

With sticks and stones

Are we not savages

Innately destined to mam and pigs?

Blame it on the environment

Heredity or evolution we're still respondible

Our intelligence any progress

At geometric rates

Yes socially we remain belligerent neonates


Ground Zero Brooklin / Carnivore

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