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Mission 3:16

We can't contain what's inside

Thunder and lightning can't hide

Freed from the past

Destined to win

Taking the Gospel where it's never been


We're on, we're on, we're on a mission

And we'll go

Where the brave

Dare to fly

We're on a mission

And we know

It's a race

Do or die

To know Him and make Him known is our creed

Letting the fire be freed

Mission 3:16

We don't know what we will find

Deep behind enemy lines

We are the called

We are the few

Ready to serve Him and willing to do


He did not come into the world

But to save us

He came so He could set us free

Not enslave us

Freely we received

Freely we must give

The message of salvation to live

Yes, to live



Mission 3:16 / Кар-Мэн

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