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Lazarus Come Forth

I am the resurrection and the Life

He that believeth in me

Though he were dead

Yet shall he live

A certain man had died

In the town of Bethany

And Lazarus was his name

The Bible says he was

A man that Jesus loved

And his sisters thought

It was a shame

Mary and Martha longed

For Jesus healing touch

To come and raise their brother

Cause they loved that boy so much

But Jesus has a plan not known to any man

That would soon take away their pain

They were for Jesus

To come and say


Lazarus, Lazarus, Lazarus Come Forth

When he died he went to where

The saints of God did stay

In the holding place

They lived beyond the tomb

There he saw Elijah, Moses, Samuel, even Ruth

And all the others jammed up in a room

He turned around and saw

Ol Gideon standin by the door

He walked up and said hey brother

Whats this group here for

Well Giddie said

Well alright this is testimony night

Have a seat man cause

The meeting is starting soon

While Mary and Martha

Just wanted to see


Lazarus, Lazarus, Lazarus Come Forth

Moses shook his stick

Said now this meeting come to order

Can I get a witness

For the Lord tonight

Abraham kicked it off

Said I want yall know

That I knew him

He gave a child to my barren wife

Isaac waived hi hand said

Hey daddy I knew him too

Jacob jumped up says

Amen Grandpa, preach it

Old dignified Solomon

Adjusted his robe and said

I knew him, He made me so smart

I started to teach it

Ezekiel said I knew him

As a wheel within a wheel

Job said man he healed me

When I was almost dead

Sampson said I knew

When some Philis


Lazarus Come Forth / Кар-Мэн

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