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Soap Song

Gone are the days of Leave it to Beaver,

Matt Dillon and his sidekick Festus.

Now we survive on the immoral lives

Of those of the Young and the Restless!!

It's not that they're young,

They're just uh, restless!

Not doing at all like they should!

So they go to the General Hospital,

And The Doctors can't do 'em no good.

So they keep on with their Search for Tomorrow

Not doing one thing that's right!

And they all end up in Another World,

About to fall off The Edge of Night!

But that shouldn't matter,

Cuz after all, As the World Turns

You only have but One Life to Live!

There remains a blessed hope for you

And All your Children,

More Hope than Ryan could ever give!

If we want true contentment, peace in our homes

With an end to marital strife

We must live for Jesus Christ

The Only Guiding Light

Not one, but All The Days of our Lives!


Soap Song / Кар-Мэн

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