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Cant Give It Up


Ive been saying that id

Leave well enough alone

Now im behaving

Like im begging you for a bone

When it feels good you cant help it

You just hang by the phone

And it felt that good last night

I cant give it up

You come on like a prince

You got everyone convinced

That youre a prince of a man

But im the one who knows you

Im the one you show that you

Dont give a damn

Cant give it up, oh no, cant give it up

Ive been dreaming youd fall in love with me

No cold blooded scheming

If it could be that easy

But you still fight it

And i must like it

That i have to reach for what i want

And as long as it feels that good

I cant give it up

I dont want to want you

I dont want to want you

cause you cant give, cant give

No, i dont want you cause you

Cant give....

Карли Саймон

Cant Give It Up / Карли Саймон

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