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Мэрайя Кэри Мэрайя КэриАмериканская певица, автор песен, музыкальный продюсер, актриса и филантроп

Everything Fades Away

Baby, don't tell me you miss me, you love me

Don't whisper gently that you can forget me

Tonight tonight, cause I've heard it all before

Just turn away don't play that game

Baby I don't want to anymore


Let it all fade away

Don't you know that love is gone

It's too late

Everything fades away

Nothing ever stays the same

Baby, no no no

Baby don't tell me you're sorry you hurt me

How many times can I give in

How many battles can you win

Oh don't beg for mercy

Tonight tonight cause I can't take any more

Just turn around don't break me down

Baby I don't love you like before


Corey Rooney:

So hard for me to let you go

Don't leave me standing in the cold

Oh baby give me one more chance

I know that we can make it last

Just let me love you one more time

Mariah: Don't say it

Rooney: Oh darlin gonna lose my mind

Mariah: Don't say it babe

Chorus 2x

Baby don't tell me you miss me you love me


Мэрайя Кэри

Everything Fades Away / Мэрайя Кэри

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