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Аль Капоне Аль КапонеАмериканский гангстер.


Capone- for that piece on the side...yea..you on my mind baby

i wanna show you sometimes, you know the game..

Female- ohh noo.. ohh..you know I gotta man, but its okay you got a girl, creepin' when we can, love the fact that everybody dont know, me and you get down its all for sho you know..

Capone-Whats the ball, how you doing baby doll, whats your name,well its cute, but my niggaz call me cap-one, a rap don,make an action, hit it with some passion, why why

man get your mack on, let me take the time sweetheart, i want you to talk to say by the things,

Аль Капоне

Creep / Аль Капоне

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