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 Candlemass CandlemassШведская рок-группа

Mourners Lament

Let me stay here by your side

be one with you my precious child

Let me cover your bed with tears

I will save you from all fears

I burn the candles for your soul

I sing you prayers as the preacher told

I bring you flowers, I dress in black

though I know this cannot give you back


I sleep by your shadow

remembering your light

In my heart

I'm with you every night

Far goes your journey

into the unknown

wherever you might be

be well my son [1st Time: you are my son]

Why just you my flesh and blood

I cannot live nor understand

my dearest treasure to be found

six feet under in sacred ground

Watch me bleed you lucky ones

I envy you your living sons

I'll give mine the strength of my faithful breath

I will mourn him to my death


Rest in peace

[Repeat 1st Verse]



Mourners Lament / Candlemass

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