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Thats Me


I'm not going to watch this go on any longer

You put my food in the dark

and expect me to look for my plate on some Mr. Magoo shit

Fuck I look like

I'm not going to watch this go on any longer



we going to set this off


I'm on ya'll

Harlem, who else is going to hold us down

Bloodshed niggas

lets get it right this time



Yo, I don't understand how these cats sip daqueri's

Like it's all good down at the hit factory

Be on 54th, whole clique backing me

all that click clackery takes your wrist wrappery

I ain't no rapper, b, I skeet oozies

And I can't act, turned down 3 movies

So gimme your chain, your jewels and your cash

And your fast food, I'll eat your food fast

My rude ass, carries 3 weapons

And I'll give your face a c-section and keep stepping

Who else in a hurry to mirk

We kill girls, rape em', bury their skirts

imagine me wake up 7:30 for work (what?!)

I'd rather run the streets 7:30 with work

But met this knucklehead, thought he want a order

Came and asked me stop pitching to his daughter

Tell me it's the man, can't be

Be glad I'm not in her damn panties

Got her damn handy

How you going to ever ask stop carrying candy

I'm going to sell to anybody in your damn family

Your Uncle Tom, your Aunt Tammy, your Grandmammy

Your right hand man Randy, understand me

in Antlanta I got an outlandish land piece and a matching land

Desert Calasandi


You know the one with the whips, THATS ME

The one with the chips and the chips, THATS ME

The one with the toast, pants saggy, yelling out get at me

Get a


Thats Me / Camron

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