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Кэб Кэллоуэй Кэб КэллоуэйАмериканский джазовый певец

Minnie The Moocher

Folks, now here?s a story about Minnie the Moocher

She was a red hot hoochie-koocher

She was the roughest, toughest faril

but Minnie had a heart as big as a wha-a-le

Hodey-ho-dee-ho ()


Heedey-hee-dee-hee ()

Hodey-ho-dee-ho ()

Now she messed around with a bloke named Smoky

She loved him though he was cokey

He took her down to Chinatown

He showed her how to kick the gong around ()

Hodey- ho ()

Hidey-hi ()

Whaddy-whee-ho ()

Hodey-ho-dee-ho ()

Now she had a dream about the King of Sweden

He gave her things that she was needin?

He gave her a home that was built of gold and steel

A diamond car with platinum wheels

Whaddy-whoody-way ()

Oh baby ()

Wanna-be-beyou ()

Hodey-ho ()

Now he gave her his townhouse and his racing horses

Each meal she ate was a dozen courses

She had a million dollars worth of nickels and dimes

And she sat around and counted ?em all a million times

Hodey-hodey ()

Whoa-Minnie ()

Wholey-whay ()

Oh no ()

Poor Min, Poor Min, Poor Min

Кэб Кэллоуэй

Minnie The Moocher / Кэб Кэллоуэй

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