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I put the pedal in smut, fucked a tape deck, nut

Got your play button stuck, my eyes WIDE shut

Comin' out my face on stage, put lumps in your throat

Like I hung you off the roof from six feet of rope

I give away rhymes for you to battle me wit'

While I do MCs like Yugoslav intelligence

Sold a flick back [???]

You open a barrel of worms - now the atmosphere reeks

Of little kids with dreams of rhymes they wanna tell

'Til pedophile labels come molest them with sales

Big shot producers, pelletgun MCs

Stand by watching in the breeze...

[Chorus x2]

This world's a commercial! I can't change the channel!

Every day try and kill it, but there's no ammo!

And television heads is feds that wanna hurt you

I found a way out, but ain't nowhere to merc' to

In flesh I stress the day-to-day vision

Threw on a condom

Now I'm sponsored by Trojan

Walking Polo ad, rap fad MTV

Grab every face of the nation

Through optical examination

Feedin ya bleedin ya through media brain leavin' ya

Touch the magazine and it seep in ya

So I train on Playstation in army apparel and

Get lost in the TV world like Carolyn

Scan my finger for the credit

Miscountin' dough? Forget it

There's a pale white horse in town and everybody fed it

Sky's black, my eyes crack, I think I'm 'sleep

I cleanse my thoughts with courtships of leak'

[Chorus x2]


Mersh / Cage

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