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Teenage Death

Man talking:

The old cynicism is gone

We have faith in our ears

We're optimistic, as to what becomes of it all

It really boils down to our ability to accept

We don't need pessimism

Teenage death, girls want dick not words

Flicks, got hearse

Tits, not hers

Went to the park at dark and shot birds

With a Mauser

Get a lot stirred

Fuck gimmicks

Then quickly abort the duck image

Occupy the same space that you can't fuck with it

I'm writing words tasting

Like the most anticipated works of violence since Freddy vs. Jason

I'm worth patience, a worth in greater market

So I can shoot up your chest like them little paper targets

I donate sluts, never pitch in to pay tricks

How'd you get your shit on billboards? Bitch, glitch in the Matrix

And that's beside five flies in conformness kids

That may or may not know what a Cage performance is

The latest installment is not to unplug you

But if you don't get this by the 13th, listen and fuck you!


Fuck this rap shit, it's what you weigh in the street (right)

Don't shit where you sleep, better lay with your heat (tonight)

All praise D.O.V. cause that's who's comin'

Lookin' for huntin' with the gunnin'

Watch your backs are runnin'

It's like he's already dead if you're saying he sleeps (right)

They're comin' real deep and they're playin' for keeps (tonight)

Run for the hills cause they're comin' for kills

You got fuck to loose, you got nothing to bill

It's like money is God, y'all worship church rappers

I cut Rock 'N' Roll High School with purse snatchers

If the clocks are all evil then Orange's guns peal



Teenage Death / Cage

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