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Баста Раймз Баста Раймзхип-хоп исполнитель

Tear the Roof Off

Rhymes galore(7x)

This is for the motherfuckers out there

on some real hiphop shit.

Ya'll, ya'll, ya'll

Mayday mayday, mayday mayday

Walk bare foot on niggas like kuntakinta

So what you say

What is you doin you walkin this way

I burn you like I'm smokin a jalis with

helta censa

I be design fashion like Marvin Kanhan

Yes I keep it slamin shit just be bangin

just like a loose canon, blow

You better park, niggas are spark,

niggas like sharp

niggas a stay up ripen shit a part,

niggas float over water like Noa's ark

niggas cover your face and don't get

caught up in the scene when nigga dark

Eh, excuse me misses

Sure ta hit you with the fitness

Give you niggas the sickest jumpin johva


Beamin in on niggas plotin and skimin

And steady dreamin on how niggas do they

double teamin

Fuck the bullshit

My nigga it be best shit on by day

before you get secret indidit

Make me slap a nigga lop sided

Hold up son listen

It be so beautiful when we catch you

like a nigga so there's to much


Come and get it quick

When Busta Rhymes be up in the place

Does who don't like go get the dick I

give you a taste

A yo you need just focus on my earth


Rhymes that ya'll be feel-e-in by the


Fucka your opin-e-ion

Dominatin like Kings Dominion

Leanin on niggas like we on motorcycles

pop a wheel-e and

A yo number one Roman numeral completing

the exscutanal shit is usual

I ain't scared of ya

Takin all of ya powafenalia

That's my words on misses Mahelia

Hope you know your best bet

Just to get the fuck out of my area

Before I rip you from myintrea

And hope you k

Баста Раймз

Tear the Roof Off / Баста Раймз

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