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Ти-Бон Барнетт Ти-Бон Барнетткомпозитор, музыкант и продюсер

Dance Dance Dance

off the coast of argentina

where no man has ever travelled

is a dark uncharted island

where exists a tribe of women

and they're all beautiful and voluptuous hollywood starlets

and they wear revealing uniforms

and live inside a temple

where they have a fiery altar

and perform sacrifices

to their blonde seductive idol

and they pray for men for without them they will vanish

and they dance dance dance

but here's this one other problem

on an otherwise peaceful island

it's a horrifying monster

who doesn't have a face

that the girl cooked up in wardrobe

and keeps them in constant terror

he appears to need a virgin to appease him

then one day in the hidden cove

a navy boat drops anchor

filled with united states marines

and they invade the island

and shoot the awful creature

and they all live happily after to the bitter end

and they dance dance dance

Ти-Бон Барнетт

Dance Dance Dance / Ти-Бон Барнетт

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