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 DAMNED DAMNEDБританская рок-группа.


I'm going down to church tonight

Just like back when I was eight

But I don't mean to pray

I'm gonna nick myself a collection plate


I'v got nothing against church

Or any people that go there and show that

They're ignorant, I don't understand

A congregation at weekends so change their behaviour

So many people are weak in their lives

And seek guidance from the fellows of hope

As you know I used to go there myself

But for the day became antipope

Theres gonna be some fun tonight

The spreading is around the town

The vicars a transvestite

With a freanch veroyalty gowns


Religion doesn't mean a thing

Its just another way of being right wing

I think sex films are okay

I don't dig that all the way



Antipope / DAMNED

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