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The Beef is On

It's hell up in Harlem, my main man just caught a bad one

Wetted by a magnum when he didn't have none

That goes to show you that even when you're respected

Brothers'll still try ya if they think you're butt-naked

So i went uptown to get the low-down

To see who made the whole thing go down

Word on the streets had it

Some kids from the Bronx with automatics

Came to start static

Some new jacks at the game

Tryin to get a name

Had a point to prove

Wrong move

So I can't wait to get em all straight

It's a big payback when I retaliate

Steam, I gotta let it off

And I can't wait to set it off

To revenge my main man that's gone

And as sure as my name is Kane, word is bond

The beef is on

(Once again it's on)

(You got beef)

(Once again it's on)

(You got beef you better save it for the muthafuckin meat market)

It's time to show them how to get hard

Callin a hit squad and pull all these clown's ciddard

For tryin to friddont and fiddake the middood

But when I get riddude - awesome dude

So I took a little trip to Brooklyn

Bedstuy Do-Or-Die is where i was lookin

For my boys from Roosevelt, Albany and Marcy

Plus I got a posse over in Canarsie

I'm talkin about ill brothers that don't play

They sit around watchin 'Scarface' all day

So here we go, headed up to they scene

Twenty deep in a van like the A-Team

We rolled up to see what this joint's about

When one of my boys in the van just pointed em out

So without delay we reacted

And started shootin like it was target practice

When they saw that we wasn't messin around

One tried to run, so I had to chase him down

I caught the kid by the corner store deli

Kicked him in the belly like I was Jeff Kelley

I did his jugular vein something violent

Came back to see my crew made the rest silent

We sent fifteen bodies to Trapper John

Cos the beef was on

(Once again it's on)

(You got beef)

(Once again it's on)

(You got beef you better save it for the muthafuckin meat market)

(I don't happen to trust people

I sort of figured if you thought I was weak

You'd mop the street up with me

And I got to kill a lot more of your people

To put you in your place)

(You send your boys in I send em back in a paperbag)

Many screamed about a homicide

But when I came to shut em down all the drama died

I plead insanity when I got a jam with me

And we roll like the Corleone family

I bring the boys that'll bring the noise

In the aftermath everything's destroyed

Like a crew of barbarians

And brothers that want beef, I make em vegetarians

So don't even front and try to put it as if you're ruff

Cos soon as I see ya, best believe i'ma call your bluff

And everyone else that tried to press up on me tuff

Have fallen and they can't get up

My game is a ill one

Cos i'm a real one

Lorda mercy

Nuff controversy

A gangster, a khan

A pimp and a don

Waitin for the beef to be on

Big Daddy Kane

The Beef is On / Big Daddy Kane

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