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Rest in Peace


Dearly beloved, we are gathered here today

for this somber occasion

Please join us in the mourning of this U-47

It was a great microphone in it's day

until it met it's fate

One evening while it was in the studio

it was struck by the lyrical force of the Big Daddy Kane

So ashes to ashes, and dust to dust

May this microphone, rest, in peace..

[Big Daddy Kane]

Knock knock, guess who? Yes, ooh

The Bigger the B, the Iggah the I,

the Jigga the G is comin through

Yes I'm the one with clout, they're all talkin bout

To be frank, I have the flavor like sauerkraut

The microphone assassinator and furthermore

I murdered plenty rappers and believe that I'll murder more

So if you ask to give the Kane a go

You better treat me like drugs, and Just Say No

Because I utilize my skills to brutilize

And in a battle, man you should see what I do to guys

Whenever the mic's mine, I'll rock a hype rhyme

and come off, like dirty panties at nighttime

Cause any mic that I caress, I finesse

with zest, and just bless, best yet to progress

King Asiatic, no other rapper stands this

You couldn't be a King if you played hockey in Los Angeles

I gets pi-daid, top gri-dade, gotta admit ey

point blank, the kid's stri-daight

Cause when it comes to R-A-P-P-I-N, huh

I got it locked up like a bullpen

"May you rest in peace" -> 3X

"If this meaning doesn't manifest, put it to rest!" -> KRS-One

[Big Daddy Kane]

Rappers I get em and hit em and slit em and split em and rid em

Acquit em, when I get wit em, you can tell that I did em

I take em and shake em and bake em and ache em and break em

and rake em, you can't awake em from the comatose way I make em

Cause when you're messin with me -- you know what?

You can swallow a live grenade and you STILL won't blow up!

Pickin up the microphone you shouldn't dare

It's like bein on a Stairmaster, climbin and goin nowhere

You're perpetratin like you're ready and able

but couldn't rock a show, if the stage was a cradle

Your rhymes are old as an artifact, and you don't want no part of that

So don't even start it black

Anyone riffin I show them how I'm livin

And give them some of that treatment like my man Michael Bivins

I smack em up, flip em and then shove em down

Huh, oh I-ah-ah-I-ah-I-ah-I don't be fuckin around

To rip this microphone like this today

since eighty-seven I came a LONG, LONG way

To headlinin, all the way from supportin..

.. and I know you've been watchin me Norton!

Through my whole rap career, a lot of young, huh,

rappers sat there, and listened, a lot of young, huh,

rappers sat there, and wishin.. but..

you couldn't see the Kane with X-Ray vision

And just because you didn't see my crew for a few

A lot of people thought the Wolfpack was through

But if you think the Kane and Scoob and Scrap'll breakup

I tell you like Marvin Gaye, "wake up.. wake up.. wake up.."

Put it to rest, it's best to 'fess

Because the Kane is breakin rappers like the IRS

And consider this microphone the deceased

Now may it rest in peace

"May you rest in peace" -> 7X

"If this meaning doesn't manifest, put it to rest!" -> KRS-One

Big Daddy Kane

Rest in Peace / Big Daddy Kane

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