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Put Your Weight on It

One for the ace and two for the deuce

If you're ready Mister Cee cut the record real loose

and uhh, test test test test, oh yes

I wanna bless the mic, I caress with finesse

Back off the microphone, you can't wreck it none

I'm like a nine, and you're just a Naked Gun

Some type of new jack, steppin in the area

kind of reminds me of Eddie Murphy, Coming to America

But you can't approach this, rhymes are too ferocious

Do the knowledge as I quote this

Freddie Krueger, walkin on Kane's street

Five chapters and I still ain't been beat

Bout time I turned the microphone loose

Anyone after me is just an excuse

Even the level of the devil or Exorcist

can't get next to this

This is mayhem, so competition, say when

You're thinkin that you're ready, so I can just play him

or them, no matter the quan-tity, you don't want to be

in this battle, so just flee

Cause I leave em panickin when I start damagin

Kickin this swift, leaves you stiff, like a mannequin

And frozen, this is a mind explosion

as the chosen flows in, the competition throws in

the towel, my sharp tongue is like a license

I strike like Mike, Tyson I be icin

Breakin the mic in half, just like a psychopath

But still smooth and cool, just like a draft

Leave the metro scared and petrol

Ain't No Half-Steppin', so I don't sweat no MC

cause Michael Jackson couldn't say it clearer

My only comp is the man in the mirror

So any pretender, you never been to

the death zone, this is the wrath, do not enter

These ain't the grounds for MC's to be wanderin

These is the grounds that the Kane is conquerin

Lyrics are bright and recite on the mic to excite

delight, ignite, a bright light and a fright night

for types who bite, to be quite like

the man with mic swingin all tight, but can't get it right

You're just a sloppy, cheap carbon copy

Sent to ride off in the sun, said Kemosabi

As the Kane remains everlasting

With lyrics that's fast relief like aspirin

So allow me to relieve, or breathe contact

your brain and remain like hairweave

Cause I can reach each participant with a speech

that will teach, and have em hangin like a leach

And yes still puttin rappers in fear

So hold it right there, cause this is a nightmare

As I cause a killer scene, and cut like a guillotine

Any thoughts you had about winnin is still a dream

Or more like a fantasy, tell me why can't you see

There ain't a way that you can touch or stand on me

You talk about how many rappers you slayed

But I'm like a renegade, so I never been afraid

so don't say hi to this Asiatic descendant

Just say peace and everything'll be splendid


Mister Cee, put your weight on it

Boy put your weight on it, put your weight on it

Put your weight on it

Put your weight on it Mister Cee, put your weight on it!

I'm outta here

Big Daddy Kane

Put Your Weight on It / Big Daddy Kane

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