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Hold it Down

Rappers stepped to me, but they didn't get none

I'm the Kane so you know the outcome

The microphone crooner, should have set the tone sooner

Hip hop to me Re boxing to Roy Jones Jr.

The genuine, search and you'll find

That on the microphone I can handle mine

Here's a view to a kill as I flipped the skill

When it's time to rock the mic like Al Scratch I get ill

I come equipped to fight and if I flip tonight

Effects on MC's are similar to kryptonite

Water flows that be hard to distinguish

It's best to relinquish, you don't want the God to bring this

I'm marvelous at the art of this, even if you got assist

stepping to me is a lot of risk. I release skills that's abundant

to explode and drop on you like flight 800


Keep it moving world renown

showing and proving

That we can hold it down

Verse 2

Here's a percentage of that old vintage

Macaroni flow but its mare than an image

Don't let the smooth taste fool ya , Let me school ya

On what it is, straight up square biz

Swift maneuvering to crush the crew you bring

Last thing them want tell me is Kane go do your thing who the king

Asiatic non equivalent to any

Plus I play the game a more harder way than Penny

The plan that I mobilize for dough to rise is no surprise

That it comes from what I vocalize

I'm the best you can get as I hit you with

The stroke of death And I ain't even broke a sweat

But this is where I draw the. line you're sure to find

Lyrics I be dropping is too much for the mortal mind

What's being caused is many MC's I'm seeing lost

The hip hop laws should be reinforced

You made a record this year, Oh you're hot

Something fishy about your style, who flow you got

You thought that you could hold me down no you're not

Now back up off me, here I come to blow the spot


Verse 3

Alright, here I come to get some

But instead you don't want the love to spread

I heard that jealousy and envy is a dum one's tool

so daddy says nothing he keeps his cool

I been through your tribulations and conflicts

Anything possible to keep me out the mix

But ease back, boy you better freeze that

Where my rivalries lack I'm still nice with these Black

I rap with the safety cap so that you don't get it twisted

And be another statistic

How many more to try, is sure to die

Slaughter I, all that playa hating only makes me fortify

to get the papers to me is a necessity

And I don't want a piece of the pie I want the recipe

I can't lose with what I use

I'm the reason why the lady sings the blues

Don't get it confused


Big Daddy Kane

Hold it Down / Big Daddy Kane

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