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Welcome Home (23 Jan 1913)

[1st verse:]

Jack Jones left his wife and home

Left his wife and home to roam

Sunday night a year ago last May; the other day

He came back wrapped up in fear

Wond'ring if his wifey, dear

Would receive him in the same old way: and say

As he slowly walked inside

She looked at him and cried


I'm mighty glad that you came back

Welcome home, welcome home, welcome home

I'm mighty glad that you came back, Jack

Night and day I thought about you

It was hard to live without you

I don't know of any braver life saver

I need some brand new winter clothes

Welcome home, welcome home, welcome home

To protect me when the winter snows blow

Here's some bills that you can pay

They've been due since 'way last May

Landlord comes for rent today

Welcome home

[2nd verse:]

"Sit right down" said she to he

"You look like a Christmas tree!

Hang your whiskers, Mister Santa Claus, upon your jaws

Your voice sounds a trifle old

I'm afraid you've got a cold

Cough right up and don't you even pause, because

Wifey needs an Easter hood

The stove needs coal and wood

Ирвинг Берлинский

Welcome Home (23 Jan 1913) / Ирвинг Берлинский

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