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Ирвинг Берлинский Ирвинг БерлинскийАмериканский композитор

Say It With Music (1921)

[1st verse:]

Music is a language lovers understand

Melody and romance wander hand in hand

Cupid never fails assisted by a band

So if you have something sweet to tell her


Say it with music

Beautiful music

Somehow they'd rather be kissed

To the strains of Chopin or Liszt

A melody mellow

Played on a cello

Helps mister Cupid along

So say it with a beautiful song

[2nd verse:]

There's a tender message deep down in my heart

Something you should know, but how am I to start?

Sentimental speeches never could impart

Just exactly what I want to tell you

Ирвинг Берлинский

Say It With Music (1921) / Ирвинг Берлинский

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