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Are You Ready


What we gonna do right here is......

Yeah, yeah, come on, come on

Yeah, yeah, come on, come on, come on

Check it out, check it out

Yo, yo, yo Who the fuck is that nigga rhymin' on the mic?


Psycho Les-

It's the wicked, nigger with the super dick

Fuckin' ho's like I'm supposed to be in a flick, UH!

One time, I tap yo mind, I got you hummin'

Now you want to press rewind

I pour rhyme in your ear to develop suds

Slice the fuckin' Philly and break up the buds

Who's Buddha? I don't know, is it a special

Stick a fork in your neck and pop a blood vessel

The hispanic shaft packs a gat, too

Permanent scar your ass like a tattoo

Slam dunk the funk in your trunk, punk!

Da Doom Doom, Do Doom


Yeah, cool makin' moves nigger so smooth

Scarin' ya, hangs up in the 'Skills

But Queens is like the area

I stare at ya, tear at ya, break that back

Now crack the fuckin' sack and roll that shit black!

Act like you want a nigger and watch me hit him

Then I have my shottie' let my brother Divine get him

We got him, ho's comin' through in the clutch

She said I only suck that dick cause I love you so much

Said I only lick them balls cause you so game tight

And you keep my ass climbing the fuckin' walls at night

So hit me, hit me one time, let me flex it

Crew's still makin' moves but now I've gots to exit

chorus 4x


Hold up, you know I gots to get my wreck off

Fuckin' rugged like a dog about to bite your neck off

Police still puttin' fear in the hearts of mad crews

Leavin' people lyin' dead in the street with no clues

Soul like a mother got the funk on lock

You can hear my sounds echo through the urban block

Got stacks of stocks, and fat beats to knock

Got you open now you're hopin' that the junkyard rocks

Grand Puba:

Okay here goes the blow, the bag, the mint

Grand time to represent flava so strong

Fills the room like Buddha stick, uhuh, don't like choke

Gotta get paid so we're tryin' to go for broke

Beatnuts hit the rhythm and I join right with 'em

Niggas can't see this flow so it's time to down sit 'em

I kick the flow for the niggas with the bald heads

Dreads, and 'fros, honey's, but no ho's

Oops! I didn't mean to call you ho, bitch

But when you try to clock the pocket that's that bullshit!

So let's get down with one of New York's finest

Seed to the brain like Primatine to clear the sinus

Grand Puba, Stud Doogie with the mad style

Beatnuts comin' with the rugged(Hey You, watch out now!)

It's on motherfucker, can't you see that?

No shame in the game, so Doogie where the weed at?

(Chorus 5x)

Right now you're as high as a junkie with a hundred-dollar habit...


Are You Ready / Beatnuts

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