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Heroes Of The Sand

Sealing light

Nothing to see

Like a miracle life

Starts with the pain

Forever this will be

Close my eyes

Thunders won't cease

Crawling down to the edge

I break down and weep

Tears on the river deep

Oh! Back to the sea

Shout loud

Moving ahead

Ride the horses of justice

Virtues of men, yawns!

Down and out

Losing my head

Like a dream you're returning

Back from the dead-awake!

Shadows will fade some day

All the heroes go down

Shed their blood on the land

Dreaming somehow

The divine will now stand

Heroes go down

With their hearts in their hands

Building their castles on the sand

Haunted by the heavy clouds

Thunder scaring away

Howling like a mountain wolf

Warriors are leading the way


Heroes Of The Sand / Angra

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