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We The Gods

How can you climb a mountain to kill a God ?

Why do you cross unknown lands, to kill our Gods ?

Why do you build walls ... to starve our Gods ?

Is it for the same reason you blind us ?

Is this why you punish our children ?

And rape our sisters ?

When will we drown

When will we burn ?

Will you die with us ? I think so

You are slicing your own wrists

You are tearing out your own hearts

And you are drowning your own children

So you can end it

..... Or we will

We are telling them the truth

And revealing all your lies

We do not need to climb a mountain

Or to cross unknown lands.....

..... Because we are Gods

And we will drown you

We will burn your homes

We the people, we the spirits, we the Gods


We The Gods / Anathema

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