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Raped And freezing

Finally got a ride, some old broad down from Santa Fe

She was a real go-getter

She drawled so sweetly, 'I think, child, that things'll get better'

'Yes, I read the Bible', she said, 'I wannaknow of you'

We pulled off the highway, night black as a window

Hey, I think I've got a live one

Hey, I think I've got a live one, Yeah, Yeah

I think I've got a live one

Felt like I was hit by a dieselor a greyhound bus

She was no baby-sitter

'Get up, sugar, never thought you'd be a quitter'

I opened the back door, she was greedy

I ran through the desert, she was chasin

No time to get dressed ,so I was naked , stranded in Chihuahua

Alone raped and freezing

Alone cold and sneezing

Alone down in Mexico


Элис Купер

Raped And freezing / Элис Купер

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