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Troubled Waters

[Verse One]

You replicas overlooking the guidelines of acoustics

Miserable attempts result in miserable conclusions

Paragon pen dragon tactician on freeform

Then a comfortable silence try to combat cliques

That unexpected Sephotus cyclone shifts

Worked up you're shooken, jetted to the side

I stagger this vagabond wondering menstrual forms of phobia

Worst fear the terrace stricken muted

The roots of all evil I've rooted pinnacle

Poised with pride pouncing to break your stride, forsaken

Agony rides inside the heartache wretched condition

My intuition felt you slip up

You tripped alone what are you aiming for?

Or do you sus tries to classify your genus, distorted fetus

Evolve, type unsolved, you lack the malediction

Malleable martyrs get molded, then folded under pressure

Thou perceives a slaughter suspension

Bridge over troubled water drown, sound study intensive

My square drops two erasing lines like tetris

Relentless agent hush horrendous circles on my pavement

Two sticks to burn basics the lie adjacent to my placement

On the game board, lunge forward and wind-up impaled by the same sword

Choose your weapon, stains splattered upon your flag

Taturag shielding the exterior inferior

Stall face to face with a forms that force your downfall

Admittedly suspicious, a decadence, your network's on hiatus

Permanent, provoked and choked upon the potency

The parrow be the penetrating agent pierce the insides

Why the cold sweats at midnight? Why the dim light?

Why are we staring at a true from the inside?

Why the pen slide with vigor on a put down?

Like while I put my foot down stomp your city

A-E-S-O-P scoping through the bur, opening minds behind the smirks

[Verse Two]

I've seen misery, I've seen disgust dust ridden ruins

Iron clad oracle test three COM unit disperse silently

Over confidence leads to irony

Plot twist full hardy Icarus shifted in facets of my form

Forbidden aspects of the swarm a thorn upon your side

A storm upon the rise, Adam, I or crush come brush upon the red zone

Crook you're shook you started poorly

Your powers parted pace uncharted territory

Disoriented malicious god you'll burn your bridges

This craft requires first drafts

Graphs, gritted blueprints of nemesis perimeter

Hunting by night compute, twenty one mic salute

One life polluted, concerned muffle moans

From the nine rings of Donnie's hell burn you in your slumber

Sleepwalk then pulled under now

Whipping through the willows is the warden of this garden

Slipping through the silhouetted skylines Aesop sidewinds jaded

Don't wind up war painted into the jungle the solution's not intrusion

The starving institution broke your main frame

I pose the question, are these waiting games worth it or worthless?

While I comb the crowd for clues your nyebony hands be my purpose

Our planet is the pivotal point

In which this network slowly turns to filter kicks

We out-box the berserk bewildered by the wilderness

My clench is frantic clutch manners falling through underbrush

Touch fools that duel with a dominant

The evil-minded tried to triple six me but he missed me

Intervene; emcees appear as red blips on my color radar screen

Aesop Rock

Troubled Waters / Aesop Rock

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