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so I heard y'all wanna float...

yo, this fallen angel could stitch a wing with a shoestring

prime directive selects reflective aviation bathed in mood swing

I'm broke; I know a walking corpse that spit icicle dagger to slit throat

quicker than you can prove there's four letters in hope (h...o...p...e)

I paint a portrait of myself, bored life inside the tortoise shell

tortured, orbiting Hell's orchid, intrigued but not compelled

I smell a hint of charred child flesh sweeping through my corridor

more than one canteen, a liquid caffeine and eclipse the slaughters

now ? is the villain of my Kabuki hologram

as I hobble with hollow hands, please pin the nozzle

we see intent to reinvent dream application with homage to ancients

but honor modern replacements circling now basics, fresh

I'm Bilbo Baggins, with stilts tippin' the peatree dish

beached fish on the shores with a feast of wits eats the corpse

divy the servings and study the traits that deemed killer breed credible

that's a harp of a different color, yeah, but the song remains identical

I am not a crook (crook)

I cook the wick at both ends just to blend that element of chance with my

tight rope leaf

life, sight beyond, I reign where hunger pain got begone

elong to something civil saint 'cause this Rembrandt paints on

and it's a tall canvas, lodged in the gut of Atlantis

I'm pretend(?), impressive lungs, some truly learn what a death chant is

I alone personify man kinds collective soul

as the result of one angry Zeus fist blistering pulp cult evoked

face it, place it on the shelf next to the portrait Mommy gave you

and the day it rains but y'all pose by the slave ship anyway (how sweet)

make it rain 'till the lead be grain

my face is a combine of Father Tom and his sweetest concubine

whine, and it saddens me like televised casualties

I'll be hung in the village square in exactly five minutes

you don't want to miss it

I've been soaking up my discontent regarding the equation

I'm officially closed for consultation

I float

when everyone around me's busy drowning, I float

when everyone around me's busy drowning, I float

when everyone around me's busy drowning, I float

Aesop Rock

Float / Aesop Rock

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