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 Aborym Aborymрок-группа

Me (N) Tal Striken Terror Action

The program is always on the fucking screen

Robot pilots destroy the buildings

Burning bodies jump out the windows

The suicidal terrorist is the new idol

Mental Terror Action

Is the new infection

Mental Terror Action

Created illusion


That program is to die

By your own hands

That program is to fight

Against yourself

Let me offer my most humble obeisance

To the Supreme Lord of Destruction!

Never been on the fucking Moon

Never define the speed of light

Atom bomb into the fucking assholes

So many questions I haven't mentioned

The program is shining on the fucking screen

To be the slave of false ideologies

Better to believe in the anti-god

And watch everything from the inverted side

Mental Terror Action...


Me (N) Tal Striken Terror Action / Aborym

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