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Eructations Of Carnal Artistry

Random torture, suffer by my hand

Slicing and cutting, submit to my torment

Pierced with nails, wired to the celing

Reincarnated puppet, patched human being

Vacilating on the verge in a blaze of gory

Moulding the eructations of my carnal artistry

Gathering the insides, winnowing inferior guts

I sever and dismember, hack fervidly with gasping cuts

Muscular limbs, a perfect casket

The slenderest torso, how fanatic can I get ?

Diffirent corporal parts, agglutinated with suture

From a mental delusion to a morbid stature

Rashes of skin, stiched from within

I'm pulling the strings, resurgence spreads its wings

Veins are dangling, bloody chunks exfoliate

Its countenace purses, the artefact expectorates

My creative is urge fed by engineering the dead

Excessive gore is what I need

to nurture my carnarstistic need.


Eructations Of Carnal Artistry / Aborted

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